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纯氧气罐(6 件装)

我们的原始氧气在 12 升大罐中含有 95% 的纯氧,一秒钟吸入超过 250 次以上。

  • Price : $74.50 USD 正常价格 $84.90 USD

我们的原始氧气在 12 升大罐中含有 95% 的纯氧,一秒钟吸入超过 250 次以上。

这是一包 6 个原装氧气罐,非常适合全家人提供一个月的氧气罐。包含 95% 纯优质无味氧气罐,每个罐可吸入 250 次以上。

空气中的氧气含量为 21%。 Swag 氧气纯度为 95%,有大尺寸可供选择,可吸入 250 次以上。便携且易于使用,随时随地。

Swag Oxygen 提供纯净、天然的氧气 - 不含兴奋剂和咖啡因和糖等添加剂 - 采用方便、轻便和便携的罐装。

95% 纯补充氧气 - 人体的每个细胞都需要氧气才能发挥作用。 Swag Oxygen 通过非处方提供 95% 纯补充氧气来支持健康的大脑和细胞功能,无需处方。

便携式氧疗 - 从运动员到呼吸短促的人,氧疗的好处都有据可查。 Swag Oxygen 让您在旅途中轻松享受这些好处!

日常使用 - 用 Swag Oxygen 开始新的一天,让您在无兴奋剂的情况下醒来,深呼吸休息一下,以理清思绪并减轻压力水平,在锻炼期间和锻炼后更快地恢复,提高注意力和思维敏锐度。

旅途中的氧气 - 随时为您提供帮助;无论你在哪!


有些人将其称为氧气罐或补充氧气,但不应将其与纯粹用于医疗用途的医用氧气相混淆。 Swag Oxygen 不能替代任何医疗设备或处方。

Swag 罐装氧气包含 220 多次吸入

氧气也可免费提供,但 Swag Oxygen 也是个人氧吧,含有 95% 纯氧气,可用作娱乐氧气或补充氧气。


Swag O2 Canister是12L罐,配有面罩和帽子,是生活在高海拔地区、徒步旅行者需要便携式氧气罐的最佳选择。

赃物氧气经常在互联网上搜索到许多名称,例如徒步旅行者便携式氧气、Oxigeno Portatil Personal、个人便携式氧气、便携式呼吸氧气罐、小型氧气罐、便携式氧气罐、个人便携式氧气、呼吸氧气罐、氧气罐、 带面罩的氧气罐、 带氧气罐的氧气面罩、 罐装氧气、 远足氧气、 呼吸氧气、 呼吸氧气罐、 氧气罐、 氧气、 个人氧气罐、 罐氧气、 罐氧气 boostcan 氧气 10升, 罐装氧气, 罐装空气, 呼吸用氧气瓶, 罐装氧气, 氧气面罩, 氧气休闲, 氧气罐, 个人用氧气罐, 便携式氧气罐, 便携式呼吸用氧气, 小型个人氧气罐, 罐装氧气氧气便携式。氧气瓶,便携式氧气瓶,增压氧气,氧气包,氧气袋。

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Swag Oxygen - Feed your confidence. We are as pure as our product & our aim is to provide the most premium quality product at the most affordable price shipped across to you as quickly as possible.

Where is this product available at the moment

We have started to accept orders for USA & Canada only at this stage where products will be available to be shipped starting Mid December 2020. Free shipping on all orders over $100. We welcome distributor inquiries or bulk orders from across the world, however individual small orders outside of North America cannot be accepted at this stage. Should you be interested to become a distributor or Sales agent anywhere across the globe please email us at info@swagoxygen.com

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We have started to accept pre-orders for USA at this stage. Products will be shipped out mid december & onwards. Sign up with your details and order number so we can keep you informed of our latest promotions, offers, deals & status of your packages. We will be doing our best to keep up with all orders and ship them as soon as possible. Best way to keep a track of your order is to sign up & subscribe. For all overseas bulk orders & distributor inquiries, please email us at info@swagoxygen.com. Please provide details of your order along with your contact details We will start accepting Individual orders very soon. So stay tuned and sign up for latest offers, deals & promotions. Although we will do our best to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible, please note that we cannot give any guarantees on delivery times other than the guidelines as supplied by our shipping channel partner. We are trying to make the delivery process as smooth, efficient and precise, however due to high demand of our products, we might advise delivery dates that may fall outside the guidelines. We will however assist you in resolving any shipping issues speedily.

Do you accept Returns ?

Unfortunately due to COVID, we are not accepting any returns at this stage in time, unless the product arrived damaged or disoriented. Should the situation changes, we will update here.

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