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The air that we breathe is 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen and 1% other gases. Supplemental oxygen is enriched oxygen that is 95% pure oxygen and 5% ambient air.

Use of supplemental oxygen was made famous by professional football players in the NFL going back to the 1940's. During the last 75 years an increasing number of football teams have implemented supplemental oxygen into their organizations. Each professional (NFL) and college team (NCAA) nowadays have oxygen tanks and masks available and ready for their players every football game.

Football players frequently use supplemental oxygen on the sidelines to catch their breath faster and maintain peak performance levels. You might have seen this and thought, “Why are these elite, conditioned athletes using oxygen?” The answer is that during high intensity cardio training and during sports games, our bodies emit more carbon dioxide than the oxygen that it receives. The lack of oxygen causes the body to experience shortness of breathe, muscle fatigue and cramping. Use of supplemental oxygen allows these athletes to recover faster and maintain peak performance levels.

Other sports have taken note of the benefits of using supplemental oxygen and have adopted its use. It is now also being used in NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, Professional Boxing, Bodybuilding, Speed Skating and Cycling, Competitive Swimming, and Track & Field.

Use of supplemental oxygen is perfectly legal and is not considered a banned substance according to the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA).

In addition to sports and fitness performance, supplemental oxygen has many other uses such as breathing easier in high altitude, driving fatigue, jet lag remedy, and to lessen the effects of hangovers, to name a few.

SWAG oxygen is portable supplemental oxygen that is 95% pure oxygen and is all-natural and safe to handle and use. (The air we breathe is 21% oxygen). It is also 100% legal and is not a banned substance for any Sporting Event according to the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA). Click here to view oxygen analysis report for SWAG oxygen from independent third party.

For all your activities and challenges in life, SWAG oxygen can help you go further. A few deep breaths can make a huge, positive difference in how we feel, perform and recover.

When used in the right situations, supplemental oxygen is a great tool. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased alertness
  • Increased concentration
  • Increased endurance
  • Reduced stress
  • Helps you relax
  • Pushes your performance to a higher level
  • Helps your muscles recover faster from soreness and fatigue
  • Breathe easier in high altitude
  • Combat driving fatigue and jet lag
  • Lessen the effects of hangovers
  • Breathe clean oxygen when exposed to poor air quality conditions

Supplemental oxygen is a growing industry. An increasing number of people each day are experiencing the benefits of using it in their own lives. Supplemental oxygen has many interchangeable names and is also referred to as canned oxygen, oxygen can, oxygen in a can, portable oxygen, recreational oxygen, oxygen bar, sports oxygen, high altitude oxygen and oxygen spray.

SWAG oxygen is working hard to become an industry leader and household name. We are #1 in can size and best priced in the USA. We offer the best values for your money and save you more with our package deals. We believe that canned oxygen should be affordable for everyone and not just a select few so we are working hard to make sure to keep our product reasonable priced.

There are two oxygen consumption methods to use product: Directly from canister nozzle, or with mask. Some people take short bursts of oxygen with deep breaths. Other people prefer oxygen flowing continuously for longer periods of time, while breathing normally. Try out the different oxygen consumption and breathing techniques to find your personal preference. Test it out and have fun! Click here to watch a video demonstration.

Our sealed oxygen cans are very light because oxygen is virtually weightless. It might feel as if the can is empty, but it is full. The oxygen can is ready to use at any time. It is not necessary to shake the can. The advantage of oxygen being so light is that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

TUnder normal conditions, when your body is already energized and alert, you might use the product and feel as if it did not do anything for you. This is because your body’s oxygen levels are already at full capacity. Therefore, users will benefit from using supplemental oxygen during conditions that will allow the oxygen to be its most effectiveness.

Examples of such conditions include when you are out of breathe from exercising, feeling the affects of high altitude, driving long distance and feeling fatigued, long flights and feeling jet lagged, or after alcohol consumption to lessen effects of hangovers. Any other circumstance where your body and mind are under stress causing oxygen levels to decrease is also an optimal time to use the product.

Users of SWAG oxygen should have realistic expectations when using the product to maximize its effectiveness as a supplement. SWAG oxygen is an all natural product that contains no stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine. It does however contain enriched oxygen that is 95% pure, which is four times the amount of the air that we breathe, which is 21%. When used in the right situations, supplemental oxygen is a great tool and very beneficial. Click here to view oxygen analysis report for SWAG oxygen from independent third party.

For best results, use oxygen at room temperature, 76 degrees or cooler. The oxygen in the can will automatically adjust to the surrounding temperature.

In cool weather, the surrounding air is denser and it is therefore the optimal condition for utilizing supplemental oxygen.

In warm weather, the ambient air expands and therefore it may feel as if there is nothing but hot air being released from the oxygen can. You can regulate temperature when outdoors in warm weather (playing sports, in the park, camping, etc.) by storing the oxygen can in an ice cooler.

Each oxygen can contains 180 seconds of continuous oxygen flow. Most users will get 120-250 inhalations per can based on how much oxygen is used each time. An inhalation is a deep breath that lasts between a half a second and up to 2 seconds. You decide based on your personal preference how much oxygen supplement you need at a particular moment.

All portable oxygen cans work the same on the market between the main competitors. Each canister is pressure filled with only oxygen (no aerosols or propellants are used). The beginning of using each oxygen can will be the most powerful because the pressure inside is the greatest so oxygen flow is felt the best. As oxygen flow continues after the initial greatest pressure period, oxygen will continue to flow until the canister is empty but as pressure inside goes down, the oxygen flow will be felt less.

SWAG oxygen is #1 in can size and best priced in the USA. Because our oxygen cans are bigger and we have more oxygen inside, our continuous oxygen flow and initial greatest pressure periods are also the best in the industry. We offer two oxygen consumption methods as well (from nozzle or with mask) so that every last breath of oxygen can be utilized. Our two method delivery system gives people options for usage and also prevents accidental discharge of oxygen so that it is not being unintentionally wasted. Click here to watch product demonstration.

When using SWAG oxygen, the first 60 seconds of continuous oxygen flow will be the most powerful because the oxygen can is at its most powerful pressure. Oxygen flow will continue for another 120 seconds of continuous oxygen flow and pressure will gradually decrease as oxygen is consumed until the canister is empty.

SWAG oxygen is an all natural product that contains no stimulants such as caffeine or nicotine. It does however contain enriched oxygen that is 95% pure, which is four times the amount of the air that we breathe, which is 21%. Click here to view oxygen analysis report for SWAG oxygen from independent third party.

SWAG oxygen is 95% oxygen, which is used as a natural supplement for healthy people and is considered recreational oxygen. Medical oxygen is defined as oxygen that is 99.2% or higher. Both are produced in the same manner. Medical oxygen is prescribed by a doctor to treat medical conditions such as asthma, lung or heart problems and other life saving situations. SWAG oxygen is not a substitute for individuals who have been prescribed life saving medical grade oxygen.

SWAG oxygen is 95% pure oxygen. It is an all-natural and safe supplement to handle and use. Oxygen is not dangerous by itself (the air that we breathe is 21% oxygen) and is non-flammable. However, if you combine it with gasoline and a match or ignition source, a chemical reaction could start.

Each canister contains up to 250 inhalations. Click here to view oxygen analysis report for SWAG oxygen from independent third party.

Currently, passengers of commercial airliners are not allowed to bring portable canned oxygen in their carry on or checked in luggage. You can order SWAG oxygen and have it shipped to your destination so that it is there for you upon arrival.

WAG oxygen is about utilizing the power of supplemental oxygen to unlock your mind and body’s peak performance in times of need (strenuous activity/exercise, low energy level, laziness, stressed out, sore muscles, fatigue, high altitude, driving fatigue, jet lagged and hangovers). Our product is a safe and natural supplement that is made up of 95% oxygen, 5% ambient air. Take our portable can with you anywhere you go and use it in times of need so you get back to feeling good. When you feel good, you act confidently and can tackle anything in your day. So go ahead and "Feed Your Confidence" with SWAG oxygen.

Note: The word SWAG is short for the word swagger. Having SWAG is Something We All Got and is about being the best version of yourself (because it is when you feel the most confident that you are at your best). It is about having confidence in who you are as a person and showing that confidence to the world. You choose how people perceive your SWAG.

Due to COVID, we are not accepting any returns at this stage in time except if the product has arrived damaged. Please email your returns at for further instructions on your return.

The SWAG oxygen challenge is about unlocking the greatness you have inside of you. It is about challenging yourself to try something new in life and reaching for your goals. We all have talents and abilities that we have not reached for yet and are waiting for us to discover them. We hope this challenge inspires people to see what new challenges others are taking on in their lives and to do the same. We will post your videos and photos to our social media sites. So what are you waiting for, start now! Click here for more.


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