Oxygen present in the air is 21%. Swag Oxygen is 95% pure oxygen in portable
cans available for use
Whenever you want.

Who Needs Swag Oxygen

An increasing number of people each day are experiencing the benefits of using supplemental oxygen in their own lives.
When used in the right situations, supplemental oxygen is a great tool.

Sports & Fitness Performance

Push your physical limits and witness your own potential for greatness. Portable oxygen is perfect for preparing for high altitude trainers, hikers, & yoga enthusiasts, or any other person who enjoys exercising! It all comes from natural cans of oxygen.

Air Quality

Using supplemental oxygen when exposed to poor air quality can help you breathe easier from second hand smoke, High Pollution Areas, Smoke inhalation from forest fires, Exposure to workplace dust, smoke and chemicals.

Altitude Sickness

According to Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, "20–90% of acclimatized travelers ascending to elevations above 7,500 feet will experience a high altitude headache. Using supplemental oxygen can help lessen the symptoms of altitude sickness caused by the deprivation of oxygen to the body.

Travelling & Driving Fatigue

Traveling long distance by car travel or by flying can cause changes in our bodies such as mental and physical exhaustion. This is because our body’s oxygen levels can drop as much as 10 percent. Using supplemental oxygen can help combat traveling fatigue by car and plane.


Had a rough night yesterday? Oxygen has been proved by many experts to be a perfect tool for natural hangover cure!

For everyday use

Oxygen is why we are all alive, however naturally available oxygen sometimes may not be enough to get out of us. Whether you're hiking or travelling/staying in the mountains, studying or stressed, our cans are perfect for you. Natural and better than Energy drinks.


In a crunch? Need to ace your exam? Naturally increase your concentration with our recreational oxygen and never fail a test again.


Oxygen is proven by many experts to reduce stress levels and relax your body. Swag oxygen cans come in portable oxygen canisters with 95% pure oxygen.

Why SWAG oxygen

Supplemental oxygen is a growing industry. An increasing number of people each day are experiencing the benefits of using it in their own lives. Supplemental oxygen has many interchangeable names and is also referred to as canned oxygen, oxygen can, oxygen in a can, portable oxygen, recreational oxygen, oxygen bar, sports oxygen, high altitude oxygen and oxygen spray.

SWAG oxygen is working hard to become an industry leader and household name. We are #1 in can size and best priced in the USA. We offer the best values for your money and save you more with our package deals.


Environment Friendly
design ( Recyclable )

Innovative Dual
Mask & Cap

No CFCs & No

Unique barcode to
ensure authenticity

100% Recyclable

Dual Cap & Mask
for safe use

Portable & can fit
in your beg

Very convenient
to use

Light weight

Carries about 220
one second shots

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Essentielle Sauerstoff-Cans 6 Pack

Unsere ätherische Mischung enthält Rohstoffe, die in der Natur enthalten sind und in hochwirksame ätherische Öle für Leistung, Schlaf, Entspannung und Konzentration eingemischt sind.

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Aromatisierte Sauerstoff-Cans 6 Pack

Dosen Sauerstoff mit zusätzlichen Eigenschaften von Zitrone, Orange, Pfefferminze, Lavendel, Eukalyptus & Original bereit, Ihre Bedürfnisse im Fitness studio, Arbeit oder in der Freizeit zu bekämpfen.

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