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Medical Grade Oxygen




Medical grade oxygen is a higher dose of oxygen specifically designed to treat a medical condition that has been diagnosed by a pulmonary specialist. Medical grade oxygen will require a doctor's prescription to purchase.

There are four of the main types of chronic medical conditions that often require long term use of medical grade oxygen:

- Emphysema and chronic bronchitis: Both diseases are classified as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and most often caused by years of smoking. Emphysema is characterized by the damage done to the tiny air sacks in the lungs, which work to transfer oxygen and carbon dioxide to or from the blood stream. Chronic bronchitis causes the airways to restrict and become inflamed.

- Lung cancer: Makes it more difficult to breathe and hard for your lungs to bring in enough oxygen to the rest of the body.

- Pulmonary fibrosis: Is a chronic and progressive lung disease where the air sac in the lungs (alveoli) becomes scarred and stiff making it difficult to breathe and get enough oxygen into the bloodstream.

- Cystic fibrosis: Is a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time.

In all of these medical conditions, Medical grade oxygen is used to help make breathing more comfortable, bring blood oxygen levels back to normal and make the person feel better overall.


Authorized Reseller

Systems are $2,495 and
FREE Shipping!

- 24/7 Medical Grade Oxygen

- Certified by the FDA

- Weighs only 2.8 Pounds!

- Portable, Small and Quiet Unit

- Approved (FAA) for Air Plane Use

- Rechargeable Battery (3 Hour Use)

LCD Display and Simple Control

- Intelligent Oxygen Flow settings (1-3)





Introducing the next innovation to portable oxygen delivery: the Inogen One G4, capable of full 24/7 oxygen delivery in an unbelievably small package! Offering 1-3 flow settings, the Inogen One G4 is one of the smallest, lightest and quietest units available to the oxygen user today.

Is designed for individuals that need oxygen for health reasons and is considered medical grade oxygen. This concentrator is certified by the FDA, requires a doctor's prescription to purchase and you can even travel on airplanes with this device. We are an Authorized Reseller of the Inogen brand, which is an Industry Leader in Medical Oxygen Concentrators.

Inogen One G4 Customer Testimonial

Call Us at 754-777-8210 for any questions you may have.



Now Offering
Medical Grade Oxygen

Authorized Reseller

Systems are $2,495 and
FREE Shipping!

System Includes

Concentrator with Intelligent Delivery Technology

AC (wall) and DC (car)
power supplies

One single battery

Carry bag and strap

User manual

Standard 3-year warranty




Inogen One G4 Documents

Product Flyer
Contains the features and benefits for this device and product specifications.

User Manual
Provides setup and
user instructions.

Offers details about performance, size and operation.

Troubleshooting Guide
has a matrix with problems, possible causes and solutions.








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