Canned Oxygen & Portable Oxygen Cans for Hangovers & Recovery

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Enjoy the night and recover faster the next day with SWAG oxygen.

SWAG oxygen is supplemental canned oxygen that is 95% pure oxygen (the air we breathe is 21% oxygen). It is all-natural and safe. Each portable oxygen can is 32 ounces and contains approximately 12 liters (volume) of 95% pure oxygen. Our product consists of up to 250 inhalations. Click here to view oxygen analysis report for SWAG oxygen from independent third party.

If you have ever experienced a hangover then you know how unpleasant it is the next morning when you need to function and you are not able to. Hangovers can last for several hours or for more than 24 hours. Typical hangover symptoms may include anxiety, headache, concentration problems, depression, dizziness, dry mouth, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, dehydration and sweating.

Alcohol does many things to the human body such as making you happy, relaxed, angry or the life of the party. Alcohol consumption can also interfere with your body's ability to absorb oxygen. This leads to high blood alcohol levels which challenges the person's oxygen proportions in the blood. Severe cases of oxygen deprivation to the body causes the person to blackout and experience short term memory loss or pass out and lose consciousness.

The best strategy to avoid a hangover is to not consume alcohol in the first place or to drink in moderation. If you do drink however, then supplemental oxygen has helped many people to avoid the morning-after hangover effects. Use SWAG oxygen after consuming alcohol during the party and before going to sleep for best results.  This will assist in restoring your body's oxygen levels back to normal.

Supplemental oxygen is a growing industry. An increasing number of people each day are experiencing the benefits of using it in their own lives. Supplemental oxygen has many interchangeable names and is also referred to as canned oxygen, oxygen can, oxygen in a can, portable oxygen, recreational oxygen, oxygen bar, sports oxygen, high altitude oxygen and oxygen spray.

SWAG oxygen is working hard to become an industry leader and household name. We are #1 in can size and best priced in the USA. We offer the best values for your money and save you more with our package deals. We believe that supplemental oxygen should be affordable for everyone and not just a select few so we are working hard to make sure to keep our product reasonable priced.