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About Us


The SWAG oxygen company started with the vision of creating a brand that can help you go further in all your activities and challenges in life.

SWAG oxygen is portable oxygen that you can take with you anywhere. We are the largest and best priced portable oxygen canister in the USA. Each canister size of SWAG oxygen is 32 ounces and contains 12 liters (volume) of 95% pure oxygen. Product contains up to 250 Inhalations. A few deep breaths can make a huge, positive difference in how we feel, perform and recover. 

SWAG oxygen is about utilizing the power of supplemental oxygen to unlock your mind and body’s confidence in times of need; such as strenuous activity/exercise, low energy level, laziness, stressed out, sore muscles, fatigue, high altitude, driving fatigue, jet lagged  and hangovers. SWAG oxygen is a safe and natural supplement that is made up of 95% pure oxygen and 5% ambient air.

Take our portable canister with you anywhere you go and use it in times of need so you get back to feeling good. When you feel good, you act confidently and can tackle anything in your day. So go ahead and "Feed Your Confidence" with SWAG oxygen.

When used in the right situations, supplemental oxygen is a great tool.  Some of the benefits include:

· Increased energy levels

· Increased alertness

· Increased concentration

· Increased endurance

· Reduced stress

· Helps you relax

· Pushes your performance to a higher level

· Helps your muscles recover faster from soreness and fatigue

· Breathe easier in high altitude

· Lessen the effects of hangovers

· Driving fatigue remedy

· Jet Lag remedy

Supplemental oxygen is a growing industry. An increasing number of people each day are experiencing the benefits of using it in their own lives. Supplemental oxygen has many interchangeable names and is also referred to as canned oxygen, oxygen can, oxygen in a can, portable oxygen, recreational oxygen, oxygen bar, sports oxygen, high altitude oxygen and oxygen spray.

SWAG oxygen is working hard to become an industry leader and household name. We are #1 in can size and best priced in the USA. We offer the best values for your money and save you more with our package deals. We believe that canned oxygen should be affordable for everyone and not just a select few so we are working hard to make sure to keep our product reasonable priced.


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